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“Gateway Merchant Services changed the way we looked at our credit card statements. Not only have you saved us money, you’ve saved our business! Thank you so much for your help. I am so pleased with your service.

Chrissy A.

“Gateway Merchant Services has really helped our business. Thank You for taking the time to explain our monthly statement and fees and show us where we were losing money! Again, not able to tell you how happy I am with Gateway Merchant Services.”

Avery Q.

“We can’t understand how we’ve allowed ourselves to be tricked with our former credit card processor.  Gateway Merchant Services took the time to help us get out of a bad situation and save money to boot. Thanks!”

Melody Y.

“You won’t regret it. We’ve used Gateway Merchant Services for the last five years.”

Clifton R.

“Gateway Merchant Services has really helped our business. Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free!”

Angelo E.

“It fits our needs perfectly. After using Gateway Merchant Services, I no longer need to worry about what I’m being charged and what’s being hidden on my statements. One less thing I need to worry about with my business.”

Maggy J.

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Honesty and Integrity



We’ve all been taught to be honest since we were children – and here at Gateway, we think there’s no reason why that shouldn’t carry into our professional lives as well. Not only is honesty simply the best policy as a matter of principle, it also makes good business sense. When you’re honest, your customers will respect you for it – and they’ll keep coming back.


When you study great leaders you see one consistent character trait in each of them – integrity. Great leaders model integrity by standing by what they say they’ll do and doing what’s right no matter the circumstances. Having integrity means putting personal agendas aside to focus on the greater good of your company and the people it serves.

About Our Work

We stand alone when it comes to the efforts put in to taking care of our merchant partners no matter how big or small. In an industry where the merchants are at the mercy of hidden fees, complex statements and sometimes even raising of rates, we have made it our absolute purpose to protect and serve you with complete honesty and integrity.

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